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Silicone sol(SiO2, Purity: >99.9%, Diameter: 12nm, Solvent: Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether,30 wt.%)

Typical Properties
CAS 7631-86-9
Catalog ACM7631869-64
Molecular Weight 60.09 g/mol
Boiling Point 2230 °C (lit.)
Melting Point 1610 °C
Purity 99.9 %
Density 2.6 g/cm3
Appearance Liquid (Suspension)
Storage 2-8 °C
Color Translucent
Composition SiO2
Concentration 30 wt.%
Diameter 12 nm
Precautions for use According to different application fields, add the appropriate dosage. It is recommended to do a sample test before use.
Shipping Ventilation, low temperature and dry
Solvent Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether
Stability Long-term placement still remains monodisperse nanoparticles. It can be diluted many times and still maintain monodisperse stability.

Nano silica dispersion is a composite material composed of solid nanoparticles dispersed in a heat transfer liquid (such as water, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, etc.). The products are colorless and transparent, easily soluble in oily systems, prevent the secondary agglomeration of nano-silica, have good stability, and also solve the problems of users in the dispersion problem, saving processing costs for customers. These products are used in coatings, rubber, leather, plastic, printing, textile and other industries.


·Uniform particle size
·Good dispersion
·Excellent compatibility
·Chemically stable
·Safety and environmental protection


·Coatings can prevent caking and sagging, and can also provide emulsification, suspension, thickening, thixotropic agents, etc.
·Applications in adhesives and sealants. ·Mainly provide the following functions: thickening, thixotropy and fluidity control.
Reinforcing agent in rubber
·Applied in plastics, it can improve product quality and facilitate molding and processing.
·In the application of medicine and pesticide, it can be used for various pharmaceutical fillers, which play the role of thickening, suspending and carrier.
·For special catalyst carrier.
·Used as agricultural seed treatment agent, it can shorten the maturity period and increase the yield.