Clinical Medical Detection

Clinical Medical Detection


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Immunocolloidal gold technology has been introduced into the commercialization field of immunodiagnosis, showing great advantages in the rapid diagnosis of medical tests. Alfa Chemistry can provide rapid detection services for disease detection and diagnosis based on immunocolloidal gold. Our detection methods include spot immunogold diafiltration and colloidal gold immunochromatography. Our testing cycle is short and the results are highly accurate, which can meet the needs of customers to a great extent.

Clinical Medical Detection

Our Abilities

The two detection methods we use both use a microporous filter membrane as a carrier and coat a known antigen or antibody. After adding the sample to be tested, the capillary action or diafiltration of the filter membrane makes the antigen or antibody in the sample It is combined with the antibody or antigen coated on the membrane, and then the colloidal gold label is used to develop a color reaction with it to achieve the purpose of detection.

Our testing range includes but is not limited to: Helicobacter pylori, testosterone, hemoglobin, hepatitis C, coxsackievirus group B, cardiac markers, syphilis, influenza A and B viruses, severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus , thyroid stimulating hormone, etc.

Schematic diagram of ICA test. Fig.1 Schematic diagram of ICA test.[2]

Quality Control of Immunocolloidal Gold Detection

In order to provide high-quality testing services, Alfa Chemistry implements a strict quality control system, including:

  • Colloidal gold quality control
    Colloidal gold particles with a small diameter variation range were selected to avoid affecting the stability and repeatability of the test due to the slow dissociation of colloidal gold from the glass fiber.
  • Test paper sensitivity and stability guarantee
    Provide standards that can ensure sensitivity to test the sensitivity and repeatability of test strips; at the same time, establish a stable indoor quality control library in the laboratory.
  • Guarantee of the accuracy of the results
    In addition to providing standards for determining the threshold value, standards below or above the threshold value (specifying the concentration) can also be provided for the judgment of the test results.
  • Establish an independent quality control system
    Accept the supervision and quality assessment of relevant departments.
  • Regularly carry out operation training for inspectors
    Train inspectors on the proficiency of instruments and operating techniques.


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