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Colloidal particles are widespread in soil, water and atmospheric environments. Due to their small size, high surface activity, and strong reactivity, the behavior of colloids in the environment has received increasing attention. The capacity of heavy metals in soil directly restricts the adsorption capacity of colloids in soil to heavy metals. Colloids in water will affect the distribution and pollution characteristics of organic pollutants in the water environment, while aerosol pollution in the atmosphere directly affects human health. These all illustrate the important social significance of the research on colloids in the environment.

Alfa Chemistry helps customers accelerate their research on environmental colloids. Our service projects are rich and comprehensive, including not only the composition detection and performance analysis of environmental colloids, but also the environmental behavior research of colloids.

Alfa Chemistry's research on colloids in the environment are as follows:

Colloidal Substances in Soil

Colloidal Substances in Soil

We can provide research on the physical and chemical properties and separation of soil colloids, and sign strict confidentiality agreements.

Colloidal Materials in Natural Water

Colloidal Materials in Natural Water

We can provide hydrocolloid characterization services, build analytical models, and study pollutant removal mechanisms.

Colloids in the Atmosphere

Colloids in the Atmosphere

We can provide a series of services such as sampling, characterization, and equipment calibration of aerosol particles.

Service Process Introduction

Our service process is as follows:

Customer consultation: Customers and customer service staff initially communicate project requirements and prices.

Cooperation negotiation: Professional engineers communicate project details, confirm service content and delivery cycle.

Payment of fees: After signing the contract, complete the payment of project fees according to the contract requirements.

Carry out the project: Form project teams, carry out projects as required and provide timely feedback to customers on the progress.

Support service: After the project is over, if you still have questions about the service process, you can contact us for consultation in time.

Why Us?

  • Alfa Chemistry brings together scientific research talents with rich research experience in the field of colloids and interfaces from all over the world, and can provide first-class research solutions for environmental colloids in soil, water and atmosphere.
  • Alfa Chemistry's laboratories are equipped with various equipment and instruments for colloid preparation, characterization and separation. These facilities are managed by professional technicians and regularly maintained by engineers. Our purpose is to meet rigorous research needs.
  • Alfa Chemistry offers a flexible portfolio of services. As a service-oriented company, we establish cooperation solutions based on the needs of our customers, help them deal with various challenges, and build a long-term service mechanism.

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