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With the continuous emphasis on environmental protection, the discovery of water-based paint is undoubtedly an innovation in the paint industry, bringing huge environmental and health benefits. And tighter regulation and higher standards have followed. To meet these challenges, research and development of new paints is urgently needed. Colloidal materials can be used as modifiers to improve paint performance. Alfa Chemistry can use key colloid technologies to develop higher performance and lower cost paints for customers, and promote the stable development of the paint industry.

Paint Modification

Research and Practice of Colloids in Paint Modification

Conventional colloids are uniform in composition and have isotropic interactions. The introduction of colloidal materials into paints can impart improved or novel functions to the paints. Advanced colloidal particles, additives and formulation technologies have been developed to achieve improved paint performance. For example, epoxysilane-modified silica sols can act as excellent dispersants and co-binders for titanium dioxide pigments. This is due to the hydrogen bonds and chemical bonds formed between the modified silica and the surface of titania, which can provide more effective steric stability for the pigment paste.

Paint ModificationFig.1 TEM fiber photograph of titania pigment dispersed by 5-nm silane-modified silica sol.[2]

Alfa Chemistry is familiar with the latest progress in basic research on colloidal materials. In academic research, we can provide new inspiration and direction for paint modification. For commercial applications, we start with additives and paint formulations, specifically designing specific modifiers or adjusting the ratio of different ingredients in the formulation. All in all, our flexible technology perfectly meets both customer and regulatory requirements.

What Can We Do?

  • Alfa Chemistry can provide colloidal products for paint modification in different fields.
  • Alfa Chemistry can provide cost analysis and consulting services for large-scale commercial paint application of colloid design. Our evaluation criteria include uniformity, tunability, functionality and scalability.
  • Alfa Chemistry can provide a comprehensive evaluation of coating performance and benchmark product performance for the optimization of coating formulations.
  • Alfa Chemistry can cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises and use technology reintegration to provide solutions for the transformation of academic basic research into commercially viable industrial applications.


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