About Us

About Us

Repay every customer with rich products and excellent services, and focus on colloidal materials for several years.

Alfa Chemistry is a large chemical supplier located in the United States. We have several chemical divisions, focusing on various chemical materials. Our Colloidal Materials Division has been established for nearly 20 years and is capable of developing and supplying a wealth of flexible and innovative colloids. Our products are widely used in fuel cells, food and beverage, photoelectric catalysis, nursing, biomedicine and other fields.

Regarding products, those listed on our website are either in stock or available for delivery within a reasonable time frame. In-stock products can be shipped within 3-5 business days of receipt of customer purchase order. You can search for our products via the search bar on our website.

Regarding services, Alfa Chemistry has a wide range of services such as custom development, colloidal characterization, and colloidal gold detection. Once your service needs are received, a dedicated technical staff will contact you immediately. You can get the solution of the problem in the shortest time. You can also search for our services via the search bar on our website.

Alfa Chemistry has established long-term cooperative relationships with many large enterprises, and we are determined to be your preferred partner.

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A professional colloidal material company, offering a wide range of products and excellent services.

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