Colloidal Gold Detection Platform

Colloidal Gold Detection Platform


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Colloidal gold is a labeling technology that can be used as a tracer marker for immunolabeling of antigens and antibodies. In recent years, it has been widely used in clinical, food, microbiological testing and other fields. Alfa Chemistry combines colloidal gold technology with electron microscopy, immunochromatography and other technologies to quantitatively or semi-quantitatively measure biologically active substances such as proteins, hormones, and cytokines. Our detection technology is simple, fast, accurate and free of contamination.

Colloidal Gold Detection Platform


Gold salts form a suspension of gold particles of uniform size under the action of a reducing agent, and form a stable colloid through electrostatic action, which is colloidal gold. Colloidal gold labeling refers to the process in which gold particles are combined with macromolecular substances such as proteins by electrostatic adsorption. The main feature of this technology is the high electron density.[1] Colloidal gold labels have the following advantages: first, they can be flexibly prepared in various sizes; second, they can retain the biochemical activity of the labeled biomolecules when coupled to biomolecules. Third, colloidal gold can be easily visualized in transmission electron microscopy as dense structures within biological entities.[2]

Our Abilities

The colloidal gold technical solutions of Alfa Chemistry include but are not limited to the following:

  • Electron Microscopy Marking Technology
    Alfa Chemistry utilizes the unique spherical appearance and high electron density of colloidal gold for single labeling, double labeling or multiple labeling, and combines with electron microscopy technology, which has the advantages of accurate positioning, high sensitivity and strong specificity.
  • Immunocolloidal Gold Chromatography
    We use immunocolloidal gold chromatography test strips for detection. The sample containing the substance to be tested binds to the receptor on the test paper to have a specific reaction. With the continuous accumulation of antigen-antibody complexes, the colloidal gold label precipitates and develops color, thereby achieving the purpose of detection.
  • Colloidal Gold Spectroscopy
    Alfa Chemistry can combine colloidal gold with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) and other spectroscopic techniques to develop high-sensitivity colloidal gold immunolabeling technology to achieve optimal detection.

Why Us?

  • Combine colloidal gold technology with a variety of technologies to achieve customized detection solutions.
  • Professional development team with rich project experience in the preparation of colloidal gold
  • Efficient service process that updates progress in real time from submission of requirements to delivery of final results.
  • The diamond-level service quality ensures the accuracy of the test results.


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  2. Fan A, et al. Magnetic Bead-Based Chemiluminescent Metal Immunoassay with a Colloidal Gold Label. Analytical Chemistry. 2005, 77(10):3238-42.

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