Antibacterial Coatings

Antibacterial Coatings


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The spread and spread of harmful bacteria is the source of many major diseases, which in turn pose a serious threat to human health. Therefore, antibacterial materials have gradually entered people's field of vision, have been highly valued, and have become a key research direction in various fields such as medical treatment, chemical building materials, and food packaging. Alfa Chemistry has done a lot of research in the field of antibacterial coatings. We have a variety of colloid and surface treatment technologies, which can provide solutions for the development of new antibacterial coatings that are environmentally friendly, stable, efficient, and durable.

Antibacterial Coatings

Research and Practice of Colloids in Antibacterial Coatings

The small size of colloidal nanomaterials provides them with a huge surface area, high reactivity, and many special properties. They are promising candidates for antimicrobial coatings. The study found that the incorporation of inorganic/organic colloidal nanoparticles into coating materials could further exploit the properties of existing surface coatings to enhance antibacterial and antiviral properties for potential medical applications. Gold, silver, platinum, magnesium oxide, copper oxide, titanium dioxide, zirconium oxide, and zinc oxide nanoparticles can all be used to create antimicrobial coatings. Fig.2 shows a possible mechanism by which colloidal nanoparticles prevent bacterial adhesion, eliminate pre-formed biofilms, and inhibit microbial colonization. In conclusion, colloidal nanomaterials have broad antibacterial prospects.

Antibacterial CoatingsFig.1 Schematization of nanocomposite coatings with the controlled addition of nanoparticles in a bath.[1]

Antibacterial CoatingsFig.2 Illustration of the inhibition of biofilm formation on surfaces coated by nanoparticles.[2]

Alfa Chemistry aims to address the development of colloidal antimicrobial coatings by developing new, environmentally friendly synthetic methods. We have a wide range of colloidal materials with suitable properties available and can also support custom services for new materials. Alfa Chemistry provides various analytical tools for understanding the properties of coating materials. We can help customers solve various problems related to the design and implementation of colloidal antibacterial coatings for the advancement of the biomedical industry.

What Can We Do?

  • Alfa Chemistry can provide a variety of colloids or colloid composites for antimicrobial coating applications.
  • Alfa Chemistry has a variety of coating preparation methods and surface treatment technologies, which can not only obtain high-quality and fine coatings, but also further improve surface functions.
  • Alfa Chemistry can design and optimize production parameters for customers to obtain coating materials with stable performance that can be continuously produced, providing support strategies for commercialization.


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