Colloidal Coatings

Colloidal Coatings


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The colloidal coating determines the physical and chemical properties of the colloidal particles, determines the interaction of the colloidal particles with various environmental systems, and thus determines their overall behavior and fate in the application process. Therefore, coating materials are important, especially for colloidal particle systems for biomedical applications. Alfa Chemistry has studied the various obstacles encountered in the effective application of colloidal particles, and can design different coating solutions for colloidal particles to meet specific application needs.

Colloidal Coatings

Research and Practice of Colloidal Coatings

With advances in organic and polymer chemistry, a number of customizable coating techniques can be applied to colloidal particles. No matter which coating material is used, the most basic requirement is to ensure the colloidal stability of the colloidal particles throughout the path from production to storage to application. The sterically stable colloidal particles can be widely used in water remediation, drug delivery, contrast agents and other fields.

Colloidal CoatingsFig.1 Synthesis of protein-coated Au NPs.[1]

Examples of Coating Types

Colloidal Coatings

Alfa Chemistry has successfully designed and prepared colloidal coating materials with well-defined physicochemical and biochemical properties for various industries. When you need colloidal coating solutions, turn to Alfa Chemistry for our experience and broad capabilities. We have the expertise needed to deliver the quality products you need on time.

What Can We Do?

  • Alfa Chemistry can provide colloidal particles with coating materials with precise and controllable molecular structure, and can adjust the properties of coating materials as required.
  • Alfa Chemistry can help customers to complete the coating process, and can use characterization technology to evaluate the success of the coating.
  • Alfa Chemistry has mastered the key preparation process of colloidal coating materials and is ready to provide customers with supporting solutions and services at any time.


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