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Hydrocolloids have become a more and more concerned material category because of their wide sources and remarkable functional effects. With the deepening of the application and research of hydrophilic colloids, its application in the fields of food and beverage, cosmetics, home care and special industries has become increasingly prominent. Alfa Chemistry is one of the outstanding suppliers of special hydrocolloids. We provide customers with the following categories of hydrocolloid products. Click on a specific category to learn more about the detailed product information.

Alfa Chemistry offers hydrocolloid products in the following categories:


Animal Hydrocolloids

Our animal hydrocolloid products include gelatin, caseinate, chitosan, etc., which are widely used in food, textile, biomedicine, tissue engineering and many other fields.


Plant Hydrocolloids

Alfa Chemistry can provide a wide variety of high-quality plant hydrocolloid solutions for a wide range of applications such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc., such as carrageenan, alginate, angular Fork gum, konjac gum, guar gum, etc.


Microbial Hydrocolloids

Our company uses microbial fermentation products as raw materials to produce gellan gum, xanthan gum, acterial cellulose and other products, which are sold well in many countries. Our products have passed multiple quality system certifications.


Chemically Modified Hydrocolloids

Alfa Chemistry is able to use chemical modifications to improve the biological properties of these colloids. Our modified colloids include a series of products such as propylene glycol alginate, amidated pectin, modified starch, and cellulose derivatives.


Most of the hydrophilic colloids are macromolecular compounds, so the hydrophilic colloids are also called macromolecular aqueous solutions. The molecular structure of these compounds contains many hydrophilic groups, which can interact with water molecules and form a dispersion system with a certain viscosity after being fully hydrated. Hydrocolloids were first used in the food industry as functional food additives. Currently, more and more researches focus on developing the application of hydrocolloids in the field of medicine, such as drug delivery systems. In short, the application and market prospect of hydrophilic colloid products are very broad.

Our Advantages

Our experienced product team provides a wide range of hydrocolloid products to customers from all over the world.

Our Advantages

  • A complete product portfolio, including animal and plant colloids, microbial colloids, and a wide range of cellulose chemically modified colloids;
  • The product has excellent stability and high pseudoplasticity, and can provide excellent flow properties;
  • At the same time, it provides customized products and compound solutions to create a competitive advantage for customers' products while meeting the extensive needs of customers;
  • In line with the concept of green chemistry, with industry technical advantages, specialized facilities and equipment;
  • Obtain quality certification according to international-level product standards and technical requirements to ensure a stable supply of products;
  • High quality and perfect after-sale support services.

Alfa Chemistry meets customer needs through quality chemical products and services. Our efficient employee collaboration model can provide timely and high-quality products to users around the world.

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