Colloids in the Atmosphere

Colloids in the Atmosphere


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Colloids in the atmosphere, also known as aerosols, are formed by the dispersion and suspension of solid or liquid particles in the atmosphere. Aerosols are the main cause of air pollution, which will directly affect the ecosystem and cause serious harm to human health. With the continuous awakening of environmental awareness, it is imperative to strengthen the control of air pollution. Alfa Chemistry has rich experience in aerosol laboratory research and can provide customers with a series of effective solutions.

Colloids in the Atmosphere

Our Abilities

Alfa Chemistry has extensive equipment and facilities to characterize the physical and chemical properties of aerosols in detail. We can also build a series of models to study aerosol transport, transformation and other related processes. Our equipment and facilities include single particle optical counters, differential light scattering (DLS) instruments, electrokinetic mobility analyzers, microbalances, electron microscopes, ion chromatographs and more. We fully grasp the factors that affect the measurement accuracy of each measurement technology, and can provide a reasonable calibration method for the measurement of ambient aerosols to ensure the accuracy of the results.

Colloids in the AtmosphereFig.1 Basic operational principle of digital holographic imaging of aerosol particles.[2]

What Can We Do?

Our atmospheric aerosol research services include but are not limited to:

  • Collection of sample aerosols
  • Aerosol integral property analysis (total concentration, CCN concentration, optical coefficient, etc.)
  • Measurement of physical and chemical properties of aerosols (particle size, density, refractive index, equilibrium water content, morphology, elemental composition, etc.)
  • Real-time measurement of aerosol composition (particulate sulfur, nitrogen and carbon concentrations, etc.)
  • Measurement of aerosol particle size distribution
  • Size-resolved measurement of aerosol composition
  • Calibration of atmospheric aerosol instruments

Why Us?

Colloids in the Atmosphere

  • Alfa Chemistry has a professional technical team ready to provide equipment and technical support for the characterization of aerosol particles.
  • Alfa Chemistry continuously explores the technology portfolio for aerosol research, and builds laboratory models to describe the entire life cycle of aerosols in detail.
  • Alfa Chemistry can provide one-stop service from aerosol sampling to analysis, and also supports individual analysis services.


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  2. Kemppinen O, et al. Imaging atmospheric aerosol particles from a UAV with digital holography. Scientific Reports, 2020, 10(1):16085.

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