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In order to control plant diseases and insect pests, pesticides are inevitably used in agriculture. However, the excessive use of these chemicals has caused many hazards to the environment and human health. A major challenge facing pesticide researchers today is to develop targeted, low-dose and highly effective pesticide products, while also considering the environment. Advances in nano and emulsion technologies have provided new ideas for the development of pesticides. Alfa Chemistry can help customers develop pesticides in the form of nano-soft colloidal dispersions, or provide you with improved pesticide formulations based on colloidal compounds.


Research and Practice of Pesticides

The introduction of colloidal nanotechnology into the field of pesticides can effectively solve the problems related to traditional pesticides. Nanopesticide particles are small in size and have high surface area and volume properties, which help the ingredients to be better distributed on the pest surface. There is also an increasing demand for pesticides in highly dispersed colloidal systems with higher efficiency and lower application doses. For example, the water-dispersed soft colloidal nano-pesticide prepared by the conventional deltamethrin pesticide through the ultrasonic emulsification process can not only obtain high toxicity accuracy at a lower concentration, but also reduce the impact on the environment.

The use of colloidal nanoparticles as active substances in pesticide formulations is also one of the strategies to develop new pesticides. For example, surface-charged hydrophobic silica colloidal particles have been successfully used to control a variety of important agricultural pests.

PesticidesFig.1 Comparison of appearance and particle size distribution of deltamethrin before and after ultrasonic emulsification.[2]

Alfa Chemistry focuses on developing safer and more efficient new pesticides for agricultural systems. Our extensive expertise in colloidal systems and colloidal particles can be used to improve conventional pesticide formulations and provide promising strategies for the development of novel pesticides. Our vision is to reduce the load of pesticides on the environment.

What Can We Do?

  • Alfa Chemistry can provide off-the-shelf or customized colloidal nano-products for pesticide applications, including inorganic, organic and hybrid products.
  • Alfa Chemistry has advanced colloid technologies, which can help customers formulate conventional pesticides into nano-colloid dispersions and improve the use efficiency of pesticides.
  • Alfa Chemistry can provide ecotoxicological assessment services and conduct a series of tests in strict accordance with the guidelines of relevant departments.


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