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Alfa Chemistry is committed to becoming a manufacturer and technical service provider of colloidal nanoparticles(NPs). More than 90% of our customers are scientific research customers, including many Fortune 500 companies. Our company now has hundreds of products including metals, metal oxides and quantum dots. We have passed the international quality certification, and formed an advanced colloidal nanomaterial manufacturing and technical service center for the whole process of operation, research and development, pilot test, and production. With a sense of historical mission in the industrialization of colloidal nanoparticles, we can certainly develop further!

Alfa Chemistry offers colloidal nanoparticle products in the following categories:


Metal Colloids

Our complete range of metal colloids can be customized in different sizes, solvents and surface finishes. Our products are suitable for a variety of applications, including electronics, photonics, sensor monitoring, imaging, and medical fields.


Metal Oxide Colloids

Alfa Chemistry has an extremely broad product line of metal oxide colloids, including iron oxide, zinc oxide, copper oxide and titanium dioxide.


Colloidal Quantum Dots

Our company continues to innovate in the field of quantum dot research and development, and has completed the leap from laboratory synthesis to workshop mass production. In addition to the company's existing quantum dot products, we can also provide custom products.


Colloidal nanoparticles are a class of multifunctional materials. For example, semiconducting colloidal quantum dots such as CdSe, CdTe, and InP exhibit atom-like energy states and can be used, for example, as active materials in single-electron transistors. Colloidal nanoparticles are made by chemical reactions in solution and behave like molecules. The large surface area of NPs means that the molecules on their surfaces are in high local concentrations, thus providing more opportunities for drug delivery. Compared with molecular absorbers and fluorophores, NPs have strong light absorption and emission properties. In addition, the surfaces of NPs can also be functionalized, making them a very broad class of materials.

Our Advantages

We deal in abundant colloidal nanoparticles, which can realize a stable supply of products. We have accumulated knowledge, experience, information and technology about colloidal nanomaterials and are able to develop and manufacture new and exclusive products. We can respond to all needs of our customers.

Our Advantages

  • Rich product categories, providing product solutions from three aspects: metals, metal oxides and quantum dots;
  • Learn from advanced experience, strengthen independent research and development capabilities, develop high-quality colloidal nano-products, and create a product portfolio with competitive advantages;
  • Reliably and responsibly source and produce to create the best solution for market needs;
  • Customer groups who have been deeply cultivating the market for many years, supply timely, and maintain long-term and stable cooperative relations;
  • Adhering to the innovative development strategy, on the basis of consolidating the existing product advantages, we will give full play to the advanced manufacturing advantages from raw materials, processes to terminal integration.

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