Colloid Regeneration & Cleaning

Colloid Regeneration & Cleaning


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When the membrane treatment process is used to remove pollutants in water, the presence of colloids will cause membrane fouling and thus affect the permeation flux of the membrane, and in severe cases, it will also lead to shortened membrane life and reduced permeation quality. Therefore, research on the prevention and removal of colloidal fouling is of great significance. Another use for colloids is as activators for electroless plating processes in printed circuit boards and other electronics industries. These colloidal activators often contain precious metals, which will cause considerable economic losses if they are directly discarded after use. Therefore they need to be recovered and regenerated.

Alfa Chemistry can take effective measures to deal with membrane fouling caused by colloids, including feed water pretreatment, ultrasonic cleaning and membrane surface modification. We also provide maintenance and recycling services for colloidal palladium activation solution to help customers reduce cost consumption and avoid some environmental pollution.

Alfa Chemistry's colloidal regeneration & cleaning services are as follows:

Colloid Regeneration and Cleaning

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Colloid Regeneration and Cleaning

Cleaning of Colloidal Contamination

Alfa Chemistry can clean the colloidal contamination on the filter membrane surface or directly reduce the colloidal contamination at the source by methods such as ultrasound and surface modification of the membranes.

Colloidal Regeneration and Cleaning

Regeneration of Colloidal Palladium Activation Solution

Alfa Chemistry can provide maintenance and recycling services of colloidal palladium activation solution, which can help customers improve economic benefits while reducing waste of resources.

Security Guarantee

All services of Alfa Chemistry are carried out under safety guidelines. In many years of market experience, we have accumulated rich experience in process handling. We train and guide our staff in safe operation, and we have developed special safety procedures and tools. We share all safety knowledge with customers as a service.

Service Process

Service Process

Alfa Chemistry has an experienced scientific research service team and an advanced analytical laboratory, which can provide customers with a series of chemical services such as colloidal fouling treatment and colloidal activation solution regeneration. We can communicate with customers in a timely manner on problems found in the scientific research process, and provide solutions to solve problems.

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