Colloidal Catalysts

Colloidal Catalysts


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Alfa Chemistry provides customers with a series of colloidal catalyst products. We have developed a number of catalytic synthesis technologies, and can provide customers with a complete set of solutions such as special catalyst design and development, optimization and improvement. Our products involve aluminum sol, iron series, palladium series, platinum series, rhodium series and other precious metal catalysts, which can be widely used in the fields of medicine, agriculture, optoelectronics and basic chemical industry. We insist on developing green and environmentally friendly catalytic process technology to contribute to the high-quality development of various industries.

Metal Colloids


The particle size of the dispersed phase in the colloidal catalyst is between 1 and 100 nm, which is larger than the general molecule, and much smaller than the bulk heterogeneous catalyst particle, and is in the transition region between the two. Colloidal catalysts are highly dispersed heterogeneous catalysts and therefore only work in dispersed systems. Since the catalyst particles are in the range of nano-scale particles, the specific surface area is large, and the specific surface free enthalpy is very high, which shows extremely high reactivity and good selectivity when used in catalytic reactions.

In addition, when using metal nanoparticle colloid as a precursor to prepare a supported colloidal catalyst, in order to stably disperse it in the solvent and avoid agglomeration, it is necessary to eliminate the stabilizer coated on the surface of the metal nanoparticle to expose the metal active sites.

Research and Development

As a heterogeneous catalyst, colloidal catalysts have the advantages of high stability and recyclability. These catalysts are also strong candidates for realizing green chemical catalytic processes. Therefore, a large number of studies using colloidal catalysts have been carried out in many catalytic reactions. Among colloidal catalysts, metal nanoparticles have emerged as key materials in heterogeneous catalysis due to their high catalytic activity and selectivity to desired products. Recent breakthroughs in colloidal synthesis strategies for metal nanoparticles, which can precisely control the size, shape, composition, structure, geometry, and ligand environment of metal nanoparticles, have greatly facilitated the design of heterogeneous catalysts and related research fields. Colloidal catalysts can be used as catalysts for various reactions in solution, mainly including reduction, oxidation, Fischer-Tropsch, C-H activation, CO2 conversion, dehydrogenation of amine borane and water splitting reactions.

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Metal Colloids

Colloidal Catalysts

  • High catalytic performance
  • Relatively mild reaction conditions
  • High product yield and good selectivity
  • Long service life
  • Excellent reuse rate

Alfa Chemistry can provide catalytic solutions for a variety of applications, assisting customers to achieve economical and environmentally sustainable development. The company's quality department takes strict process management as the core, and checks product quality at every level.


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