Colloidal Quantum Dots

Colloidal Quantum Dots


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The main business scope of Alfa Chemistry is the research and development and sales or related technical services of hydrophilic colloids and colloidal nanomaterials. Our company has continuously innovated and made some breakthroughs in the field of quantum dot research and development, completing the leap from laboratory synthesis to workshop mass production. In addition to the company's existing quantum dot products, we can also supply custom products in size, shape and composition.

Colloidal Quantum Dots


Colloidal quantum dots are nanoscale crystals that resemble bulk semiconductor crystals and are the largest class of all quantum dot materials. The optoelectronic properties of colloidal quantum dots can be uniquely tunable through changes in size and composition, a phenomenon that has led them to arouse extensive scientific and technological research.

Different types of quantum dots have their corresponding fabrication methods. Chemical solution growth is the main method for synthesizing colloidal quantum dots. This synthesis method has the advantages of low cost, high yield, high luminous efficiency and stable performance of the obtained quantum dots.

Fig. 1. Colloidal synthesis of CdSe quantum dots.Fig. 1. Colloidal synthesis of CdSe quantum dots.[1]

Research and Development

The unique properties of colloidal quantum dots make them very attractive for various practical applications including photonics, optoelectronics and biomedicine. In solar cell applications, the certified conversion efficiency of PbS quantum dots reaches a maximum of 9.2%. The sensor based on PbS quantum dots can perform photoelectrochemical detection of DNA. Both the brightness and current efficiency of light-emitting diodes fabricated by a liquid-phase method using CdSe@ZnS quantum dots are twice as high as those of the reference structure. In addition, colloidal quantum dots have recently begun to be used as active lasing media for the design of lasers. In conclusion, colloidal quantum dots have broad prospects and potential in practical applications.

Fig.2 QD solar cells with embedded metal NPs.Fig.2 QD solar cells with embedded metal NPs.[3]

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Colloidal Quantum Dots

Colloidal Quantum Dots

  • Dispersible or liquid form
  • Various terminal functional groups: PEG, amine, streptavidin, carboxylic acid
  • High colloidal stability
  • Particle size of<100 nm
  • Applications: LED, cell imaging, immunoassay

Alfa Chemistry has close cooperation with many nanometer companies and has abundant international resources and technological advantages. We offer colloidal quantum dots for laboratory research and practical applications. Our synthesis technology can be mass-produced with stable quality and low cost.


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