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The energy storage problem is one of the key topics actively explored by human beings. As a key technology for energy storage, multifunctional storage materials that can adapt to different electrode designs as well as capacity and power requirements have gradually become the main research direction. As a class of functional materials with excellent performance, colloidal materials can efficiently and reversibly store energy. Alfa Chemistry has a variety of colloidal products with good electrochemical properties, which can help customers develop new colloidal energy storage materials.

Energy Storage Carrierss

Research and Practice of Colloids in Energy Storage Carriers

The special structural characteristics of colloidal materials endow them with rich properties. Colloidal materials have been shown to exhibit semimetallic properties under chemical, electrochemical or photochemical reduction conditions, which undoubtedly enhances their application prospects in the field of energy storage.

Many colloidal materials have been investigated as energy storage carriers. For example, redox-active colloids (RACs) prepared from cross-linked colloidal poly(vinylbenzyl chloride) (xPVBC) can serve as discrete charge carriers, containing redox pendants within well-defined 3D geometries for facile charge transmission. Based on efficient energy storage with a high degree of morphology control, RACs hold considerable promise for emerging energy storage applications, whether as single particles, adsorbed films, or dispersed phases. Colloidal ZnO semiconductor nanocrystals doped with colloidal iron exhibit extremely large capacitance values comparable to commercial supercapacitor materials. This indicates the promising application of these colloidal nanocrystals in energy storage technologies based on solution or solution processing.

Energy Storage CarriersFig.1 Synthesis and SEM images of redox active colloidal particles (RACs).[1]

Energy Storage CarriersFig.2 Large and Reversible Charge Storage in Colloidal Iron-Doped ZnO Nanocrystals.[2]

Alfa Chemistry focuses on the research and development of colloidal energy storage materials. We have state-of-the-art synthesis methods based on colloidal processes, as well as comprehensive electrochemical characterization techniques, which can provide unique insights into the manufacturing and scientific research of colloidal energy storage materials. We contribute to the development of energy storage technology, contribute effective strategies to energy issues, and promote the progress of world science and technology.

What Can We Do?

  • Alfa Chemistry provides various colloidal products for energy storage material research.
  • Alfa Chemistry can provide comprehensive solutions such as design scheme, synthesis route, characterization and analysis technology of colloidal energy storage materials independently or according to customer requirements.
  • Alfa Chemistry can provide effective technical support for various problems encountered by customers in the research and development of colloidal energy storage materials.


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