Customized Nanofluids

Customized Nanofluids


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Nanofluid, as a colloidal mixture composed of basic fluid and nanoparticles, is a heat transfer fluid with excellent heat transfer performance, which can be widely used in automobile, solar energy, machinery, biomedicine and other fields. Alfa Chemistry researchers have the latest advances in nanofluidics and are able to customize metallic and non-metallic nanofluids and hybrid nanofluids with high long-term stability and low production costs.

Customized Nanofluids

Our Abilities

Preparation of Nanofluids

Alfa Chemistry is able to prepare nanofluids using a one-step method (production of nanoparticles and dispersion of nanoparticles in a base fluid in one step) and a two-step method (first generation of nanoparticles and then dispersion of them in the base fluid).[1] Our preparation range includes nanofluids with single nanoparticle components, such as alumina nanofluids, aluminum nitride nanofluids, zinc oxide nanofluids, titania nanofluids, silica nanofluids, iron oxide nanofluids, copper nanofluids, carbon nanotubes and nanofluids, gold and silver nanofluids,and multi-component mixed nanofluids such as Cu-Al2O3.

Characterization of Nanofluids

In order to characterize the microstructure and morphology, surface chemistry, dispersion size, thermal stability and interaction between the two nanoparticles in the base fluid, we provide characterization techniques including but not limited to: SEM, TEM, XRD, FT- IR, DLS, TGA and zeta potential analysis.

Customized NanofluidsFig.1 Powder X-ray diffraction patterns (XRD) for ZnO nanoparticles.[2]

Thermodynamic Performance Analysis

Since the most important application of nanofluids is their heat transfer properties, we can characterize their thermodynamic properties such as thermal conductivity, specific heat, and heat capacity in addition to basic physicochemical characterization of the prepared nanofluids.

Customized NanofluidsFig.2  Thermal conductivity of ZnO/EG nanofluids at 30 °C in different particle volume fractions.[2]

Our Services

  • Alfa Chemistry communicates with customers to determine the customized requirements of nanofluids, including the selection of nanoparticles and the demand;
  • Establish a project development team to complete the preparation experiments of nanofluids in the laboratory;
  • Complete a series of physicochemical characterizations of customized nanofluids in the analytical testing center;
  • Write a quality analysis report and complete the delivery of the product.

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Customized Nanofluids


  1. Devendiran, et al. A review on preparation, characterization, properties and applications of nanofluids. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 2016, 60:21-40.
  2. Moosavi M, et al. Fabrication, characterization, and measurement of some physicochemical properties of ZnO nanofluids. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow. 2010, 31(4):599-605.

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