Metal Oxide Colloids

Metal Oxide Colloids


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Alfa Chemistry is one of the largest and most comprehensive colloidal product suppliers in the world, with an extremely wide range of metal oxide colloidal product lines, including iron oxide, zinc oxide, copper oxide and titanium dioxide. Our products can be used in many fields such as biomedicine and water treatment. We always insist on creating more sustainable and efficient products. In recent years, we place the development focus on the green synthesis technology of colloids.

Metal Oxide Colloids


Metal oxide colloids are the focus of many researchers and scientists. They generally have large specific surface area, remarkable magnetic properties, good antibacterial activity and chemical stability, and are becoming the core of research and product growth. It is foreseeable that metal oxide colloids will be widely and comprehensively applied in all walks of life.

Metal oxide colloids are mainly synthesized by physical and chemical methods. Common physical methods include spray pyrolysis and ultrasonic waves. Although their process is relatively simple, they are prone to non-uniform product particle size, and the cost of equipment is high. Redox and other chemical synthesis methods can prepare various metal oxide colloids with various forms, and are also the main preparation methods we use. In addition, with the continuous strengthening of environmental protection awareness, Alfa Chemistry is also actively adjusting the synthesis routes, and has invested a lot of energy to develop synthesis conditions based on green chemistry.

Fig. 1. Schematic diagram for the green synthesis of nanoparticles.Fig. 1. Schematic diagram for the green synthesis of nanoparticles.[1]

Alfa Chemistry can not only provide common specifications of metal oxide colloid products, but also provide customized products with special size, concentration and surface modification according to customer needs. All products are produced in a manufacturing network that complies with international quality certifications.

Research and Development

Metal oxide colloids have the advantages of small band gap, non-toxicity, low cost, high thermal and chemical stability. And it is these excellent characteristics that make them widely used. NiO, ZnO, ZrO2, WO3, and CuO, among others, have been used in various technologies such as catalysis, drug delivery, sensors, and bioimaging. For example, metal oxide colloids can be used as photocatalysts for air and water pollution remediation.

Fig.2 Photocatalytic activity mechanism of nanocomposite.Fig.2 Photocatalytic activity mechanism of nanocomposite.[2]

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Metal Oxide Colloids

Metal Oxide Colloids

  • Adjustable granularity
  • Good monodispersity and colloidal stability
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Applications: tissue imaging, gas sensing, surface coatings, fuel cells


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