Colloidal Titration Platform

Colloidal Titration Platform


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Alfa Chemistry has a leading colloidal titration technology capable of quantitatively determining the charge density of charged polymers. Our technique can be used to study the chain chemistry of biological macromolecules (proteins, bacterial spores, etc.) and synthetic polyelectrolytes (agar, lignin, pectin, etc.), as well as the composition of polyelectrolyte complexes. Our colloidal titration technology is a micro-analytical method that is fast, accurate, convenient, and requires less sample volume.

Colloidal Titration Platform


Colloidal titration technology is a method of titrating an unknown oppositely charged polyelectrolyte sample by using a polyelectrolyte with known charge density and stable performance, and indicating the end point by a certain method, so as to measure the charge of the tested sample. At present, this technology is widely used in agriculture, food, biology, leather and other industrial fields. [1]

Set-up for automatic colloidal titration. Fig.1 Set-up for automatic colloidal titration.[2]

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Alfa Chemistry is good at analyzing the components of polymeric anions and polymeric cations containing sulfate groups, carboxyl groups, phosphate groups, phenolic hydroxyl groups and other groups by colloidal titration, as well as studying the degradation of polyelectrolytes by acids, bases, and enzymes. Our colloidal titration service process mainly includes:

  • Standard titrant preparation
    Standard titrants must exist in an electron-charged form when used. Alfa Chemistry can prepare standard anionic polyelectrolytes such as potassium polyvinyl alcohol sulfate (PVSK), cellulose hemi-sodium sulfate (PESNa), and N,N'-divinylpropyl Standard cationic polymers such as ammonium chloride (PDADMAC), polyhexamethylene bromide, ethylene glycol aminodextran trimethyl ammonium chloride, etc.
  • Purification and calibration
    Anionic and cationic polymers were purified and calibrated using excess acetone precipitation prior to titration. In order to facilitate the calculation, the volume of the standard solution is used to represent the charge during titration.
  • Titration
    If the sample is a polymeric cation, titrate directly with a standard polymeric anion. If the sample is a polyanion, add an excess of standard polycation to form a precipitation, and then use the standard polyanion for back titration.
  • Judgment of the end point
    The judgment of the end point will directly affect the correctness and accuracy of the results. Alfa Chemistry can choose the appropriate judgment method from the dye indicator method, microelectrophoresis method, AC flow current method and other methods according to the actual situation.

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Colloidal Titration Platform


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  2. S. Garikipati. Evaluation of Colloidal Titration for the Determination of Surface Charge of Activated Sludge Flocs. Chalmers University of Technology. 2005.

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