Colloidal Separation & Purification

Colloidal Separation & Purification


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The special properties of colloids make them attract the attention of a large number of researchers. It has been found that colloids in the natural environment can adsorb pollutants, especially organic pollutants, so it is necessary to remove the colloidal adsorption form of these pollutants by technical means. For synthetic colloidal materials, efficient purification is crucial for their basic and practical development in the technical field. Low-cost purification methods facilitate the commercialization of the device. Furthermore, purification also plays an important role in understanding the functional properties of colloidal particles. Inspired by colloids in the environment, synthetic colloids are considered to be an efficient way to achieve component separation and pollution remediation.

Alfa Chemistry grasps the latest research trends in the field of colloids, can continuously expand new market directions, and is always at the forefront of the industry. Our services include filtration of environmental colloids, purification of synthetic colloids, and protein separation and contamination remediation based on colloid technology. With the perfect delivery of multiple projects, we have gained a good reputation and become a benchmark company in the industry.

Alfa Chemistry's colloidal filtration & purification services are as follows:

Alfa Chemistry specializes in the separation of nanocrystals from solution. Our colloidal nanocrystal purification services are performed by experienced materials chemists.

Alfa Chemistry's microfluidic membrane filtration technology enables real-time visualization of complex colloidal suspensions, tracking the formation of colloidal fouling, and studying the nature of colloidal fouling.

Alfa Chemistry can use colloidal magnetic nano-ion adsorption separation technology to achieve effective separation of proteins. Our technology enables highly selective and high-capacity separation of proteins.

Alfa Chemistry can use colloidal materials to complete the separation and remediation of pollutants such as suspended particulates, dyes and chemical reagents in soil and liquid matrices.

Service Quality Assurance

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    After accepting the entrustment, we will customize a detailed and effective service plan and implement it carefully at all stages.
  • Data protection
    Completely collect all the information in the service project and report to the customer in a timely manner. If there is a need for special explanation, the reason and the impact result will be explained.
  • Personnel protection
    Determine the project leader and working group members according to the specific situation of the project to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Clients receive unparalleled scientific expertise and service support from our global team. We are able to work closely with customers to help partners improve their R&D efficiency and reduce risks in project development.

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