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The textile industry is closely related to human life and plays an important role in the world economy. The main areas of textile applications include apparel, packaging, medical, machinery and home furnishing. Some problems such as discoloration, allergies, unpleasant odors, cross-transmission of infectious diseases, bacterial contamination, etc. in textiles have greatly affected their development speed. The emergence of colloidal nanotechnology has injected fresh blood into the textile industry. Alfa Chemistry can combine colloidal chemistry, nano-engineering and textile technology to achieve functional modification of textile materials and contribute to the progress of the textile industry.


Research and Practice of Colloids in Textiles

Colloidal materials possess some unique properties, such as excellent magnetic, optical, surface chemical and mechanical properties, as well as higher melting points. These colloidal materials can be deposited on various types of fabrics using a variety of methods, imparting unparalleled self-cleaning, water, oil, antistatic, antibacterial, antifouling and UV shielding properties without affecting the comfort and flexibility of the fabrics.

TextilesFig.1 Applications of nanotechnology in textiles by American Chemical Society.[2]

Colloidal materials can impart antibacterial activity to textile materials to meet the urgent needs of ecological smart processes and consumer demand for sanitary apparel.

Metal colloidal particles can be added to textiles in the form of printable conductive inks and conductive polymer composites to impart good electrical functionality to textiles.

Colloidal materials can be embedded in fibers or fabrics in the form of pure inorganic coatings or mixed materials and used as UV protectants, which can show excellent protective properties.

Alfa Chemistry actively explores the application of various colloidal materials in fabrics. We can provide the most suitable method for incorporating colloidal particles in the textile industry. We have extensive and comprehensive knowledge of colloid chemistry, nanoscience, textile science and engineering to provide a full range of service support for the functional modification of fabrics.

What Can We Do?

  • Alfa Chemistry is able to provide colloidal products and fabric modification strategies for the textile industry.
  • Alfa Chemistry helps customers design the technical route of colloidal materials into textiles. Our methods include blending filaments, finishing treatments, graft modification and in situ generation.
  • Alfa Chemistry can not only study the modification of fibers and fabrics by a single colloidal particle, but also support the compound modification of multiple colloidal particles.


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