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Photothermal Therapy


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Cancer has a very high morbidity and mortality rate, and is one of the diseases that has long plagued human health. Therefore, the search for a cure for cancer has attracted the attention of scholars around the world. Traditional treatment methods mainly include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, molecular targeted therapy and endocrine therapy. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, new technologies represented by photothermal therapy (PTT) emerge as the times require. PTT has the advantages of simple operation, less side effects, high specificity, and repeatable treatment. Alfa Chemistry can provide relevant colloidal solutions for the development of PTT formulations in photothermal therapy.

Photothermal Therapy

Research and Practice of Colloids in Photothermal Therapy

Benefiting from the unique physical and chemical properties of colloids, the exploration of colloidal materials in the medical field has gradually deepened. The introduction of colloidal materials as photothermal agents into photothermal therapy undoubtedly provides an effective way for cancer treatment.

Colloidal materials can be used as photothermal agents by compounding with other materials. For example, a novel photothermal agent can be obtained by compounding colloidal copper sulfide particles with PEGylated mesoporous silica. The composite exhibits good photothermal efficacy and pH-responsive drug release behavior, which can provide a dual therapeutic platform based on photothermal therapy and chemotherapy for cancer treatment. For another example, colloidal iron oxide nanoparticles (Fe3O4) coated with different polymer coatings (PAA, PVA, PEI, etc.) have good colloidal stability and high photothermal conversion efficiency, and can be used for photothermal therapy applications.

Photothermal TherapyFig.1 Preparation and application of CuS@mSiO2–PEG nanocomposites.[1]

Alfa Chemistry has accumulated rich experience in the application research of colloidal materials, and can provide a wide range of product portfolios and technical services. For photothermal therapy, we have a development platform for photothermal agents based on colloidal materials, which can provide customers with a standard development process. We focus on providing solutions to various problems encountered in the use of colloidal materials for biomedical applications, including the design, synthesis, modification and performance testing of novel composite materials.

What Can We Do?

  • Alfa Chemistry can provide conceptual design and synthetic route for the development of photothermal agents.
  • Alfa Chemistry has a variety of testing technologies and can provide customized performance testing services for developed or improved photothermal agents.
  • Alfa Chemistry can expand the functions of photothermal agents, make them applicable to multiple treatment modalities at the same time, and provide multifunctional approaches for cancer treatment.


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