Colloidal Self-Assembly Platform

Colloidal Self-Assembly Platform


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Alfa Chemistry can use colloidal self-assembly technology platform to prepare large-area colloidal crystals. Our manufacturing process is not only efficient but also results in high quality colloidal crystals. Our scientists are well versed in the mechanism of action of various complex microscopic forces, and are good at combining different self-assembly methods and creating improved technologies, which effectively improve the quality and efficiency of manufacturing.

Colloidal Self-Assembly Platform


Self-assembly technology is one of the most important colloidal crystal fabrication methods. For example, 2D colloidal crystals are usually assembled using gas-liquid interfaces, while 3D colloidal crystals are usually assembled by sedimentation, dip deposition, and slot filling methods. In order to improve the quality and efficiency of colloidal crystal self-assembly, Alfa Chemistry has built a colloidal self-assembly platform, continuously improved the manufacturing process, and proposed many new technical optimization methods.

Illustration of typical methods used for assembling 2D and 3D colloidal crystals. Fig.1 Illustration of typical methods used for assembling 2D and 3D colloidal crystals.[1]

Our Abilities

Alfa Chemistry can choose one or more self-assembly techniques to prepare colloidal crystals according to the specific needs of customers.We are also able to provide optimized development services for self-assembly technologies. Our self-assembly technologies include but are not limited to:

Basic method: Spin coating method, convective self-assembly, gravity sedimentation method, LB method, electric field self-assembly, magnetic field self-assembly
Self-assembly of large-area colloidal crystals: Temperature-assisted self-assembly, template-assisted self-assembly, surfactant-assisted self-assembly, spin coating method combined with interfacial transfer method

The basic principles of several commonly used self-assembly methods are shown in the following figure:

Schematic diagram of spin coating method Fig. 2 (a) Schematic diagram of spin coating method; (b) schematic diagram of convection self-assembly; (c) schematic diagram of gravity subsidence method; (d) LB method schematic diagram.[2]

In addition to the basic methods mentioned above, we also have self-assembly technologies for the preparation of large-area two-dimensional colloidal crystals, binary colloidal crystals, and colloidal crystals with novel stacking structures.

  • Self-assembly of large-area two-dimensional colloidal crystals

Schematic diagram of heat-treatment-assisted self-assembly Fig. 3 (a) Schematic diagram of heat-treatment-assisted self-assembly; (b)Schematic representation of surfactant-assisted self-assembly; (c) Schematic diagram of template-assisted self-assembly.[2]

  • Self-assembly of binary colloidal crystals
    We can fabricate binary colloidal crystals by embedding particles of other sizes in colloidal crystals based on ethanol-assisted self-assembly at the air/water interface and improved convective self-assembly.
  • Self-assembly of colloidal crystals with novel stacking structures
    We can realize many novel packing structures such as tetragonal arrays, smectic and nematic liquid crystals in colloidal crystals through the self-assembly of non-spherical particles.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages


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