Preparation of Radiocolloids

Preparation of Radiocolloids


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As a professional colloidal material customization service provider, Alfa Chemistry can prepare various radioactive colloids such as technetium, indium, gold, tin, yttrium and phosphorus. Our radioactive colloid adopts advanced preparation technology, and the obtained products have strong stability and long shelf life, which can meet the needs of customers.

Preparation of Radiocolloids


Radioactive colloids use radioactive substances as the dispersed phase, which not only has the characteristics of general colloids, but also has radioactivity. According to the different conditions of the solution medium, radioactive colloids have two states of true and false colloids. As conditions change, the true and false colloids can be converted. In addition, the acidity of the solution, the presence of other electrolytes or suspended particles of impurities, the storage time and storage method of the solution, etc., will all have an impact on the formation of radioactive colloids.

Preparation of RadiocolloidsFig.1 Radiosynovectomy in the Therapeutic Management of Arthritis[1]

Our Abilities

After fully understanding the customer's needs, Alfa Chemistry will begin to provide customized preparation services for radiocolloids. Our capabilities include but are not limited to the following radioactive elements:

Element Type:99mTc, 113mIn, 32P, 211At-Te, 198Au, 90Y, 188Re

Our preparation methods include:

  • Mechanical dispersion method
  • Redox method
  • Chemical coagulation

Detection Services

After the successful preparation of the target colloid, we carry out a series of tests to ensure that the product meets your needs. Our testing items include but are not limited to the following types:

  • Particle Size Determination
  • Radioactive Concentration Detection
  • Specific Activity Determination
  • Radioactive Purity Testing
  • Stability Analysis
  • Dialysis Condition Analysis: Use semipermeable membrane flowing water dialysis to remove impurities and free radioactive ions in colloids

Preparation of RadiocolloidsFig.2 Dialysis device. 1—distilled water bottle, 2—flexible clamp, 3—siphon tube, 4—three-pronged nozzle, 5—support, 6—dialysis bag, 7—beaker, 8—constant temperature water bath, 9—suction filter bottle, 10—flow into the pool[1]

All test results are documented and delivered to you with the final product.

Warranties and Disclaimers

  • Alfa Chemistry warrants that products shall conform to the description of such products provided through Alfa Chemistry's literature.
  • This product is for research and development use only. The company will not be responsible for any damage caused by the use in special occasions.


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  2. Xiyi Chen, Shizhong Qin. Preparation of Radioactive Colloidal Phosphates. Atomic Energy Science and Technology. 1965.

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